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Crocodile Dundee star prepares to sue the government for millions
14 January 2011
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Entertainment icon Paul Hogan is preparing to sue the Federal Government for millions following the Australian Crime Commission’s decision to drop its investigation into his tax affairs.

Hogan was targeted by the ATO as part of Operation Wickenby, a five year operation aimed at high profile Aussies suspected of avoiding tax. But six weeks ago the investigation was abandoned as "not justified in the public interest". According to a Herald Sun report Hogan's lawyer Andrew Robinson now claims that the aborted inquiry cost Hogan up to a whopping $15 million a year in lost income. And he's enlisting film executives to testify to this. Perhaps there was a much awaited follow-up to Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles in the pipeline.

    Hogan in training to take on the government yesterday

The 71 year old star certainly seems to be preparing to wheel out the big guns. He’s reportedly in the process of appointing Stephen Keim SC - the barrister who helped Gold Coast doctor Mohamed Kaneef to obtain a substantial settlement after he was falsely implicated in a 2007 terror plot.

News reports are already speculating that former Harbour Bridge painter's claim could run as high as $80 million. Which seems rather a lot given that the perma-tanned movie star has not been box-office fodder for some time now. But apparently the one time face of Australian Tourism was still a big draw for advertisers, and Hogan claims that this work dried up as a result of the investigation.



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