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Bonkers Law Firm Website: Tie me up, tie me down
19 May 2017
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This week's bonkers law firm website features the proud pupils of YVA Solicitors. 

The North Finchley firm's site is heavily-branded in the YVA colours, but unlike so many employers the management has also brought out a matching tie. Alternating bands of 'Quality And Value Blue' with 'Tolley's Yellow Tax Handbook Yellow', this season's mustn't-have law-wear allows YVA staff new and old to recognise each other at their club, in the supermarket or just around the home. Unless they are women, because they get nothing.

  Michael's non-regulation pocket square is technically a sacking offence.

    Chris likes the tie. Chris is colourblind.

  Lambros feels like he's wearing the sun and the sea thanks to his YVA tie. 

  "I have been afforded no opportunity to donate my wardrobe to business development. And that's a-ok with me." 

  Mario works topless and feels constricted by this gaudy noose.  

  Nick doesn't care anymore. He'll wear a striped bowler hat and wave a branded flag if that's what they want, nothing matters.

  Shamil lent his tie to Mario and now it smells of alpha.

  Jonathan can dig it, by midnight in Abacus they'll think he went to University College.

  Paul always dreamed of keeping the wardrobe after a modelling shoot, and now it's really happening. 

  Associates Angela and Maria were not permitted to wear ties, not even round their heads like legal Rambos.

RollOnFriday asked YVA Solicitors if all the lawyers shared one tie for the shoot, and if there was something the women could wear to signal their fealty to the firm, like a branded shawl or cravat. Partner Lambros Lambrou told RollOnFriday, "We can confirm that we all have the the same style tie and we do not pass the same one around. We admittedly do not all wear the tie on the same days but there are usually a good few of us that do. As you will no doubt have seen, the tie is in our firm's colours and many of us also wear shirts with the YVA monogram on the left cuff. I also have a watch in YVA Colours".

Lambrou explained, "Our lady solicitors do not wear YVA cravattes or blue and gold scarfs but we will suggest that to them as they may prefer those options to a tie". 

He added that YVA even had plans for a calendar, "where we replicate famous scenes from Films where the Tie features as an integral part of the picture". Lambrou said they would include Pretty Woman and, yes, Rambo ("tie tied around the head"). It is RollOnFriday's pleasure: 


Fair play to YVA for really going all in on neckties.


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anonymous user
19/05/2017 08:33
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Makes one smile on a grotty Friday morning.
anonymous user
19/05/2017 11:33
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Heh. At least someone has a sense of humour...

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