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Bonkers Firm Website: Terrible typo time
21 April 2017
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Proofreading skills are required to enjoy this week's bonkers law firm website, because whoever wrote it does not have any.

Hubers Law has endured a troubled few years during which founder Nicholas Hubers was sidelined by an interloper, identified as 'ZS' in SDT proceedings. ZS also built the website and appears to have locked Hubers out of that, too, because it reads like a badly translated Chinese menu:

As well as reassuring prospective clients that the firm is in the City and in a city, the home page scraps dull conventions of the English language like definite articles, plurals and using the correct words for things.

A gallery of dazzling pics give the distinct impression that the firm, of which Mamun and Rahman are now the partners, occupies the entire block of what are actually serviced offices in Whitechapel (the new heart of the City). See if you can spot the typos.

The profiles, presumably written by ZS who won't let anyone in to the website to change them, subjects the solicitors of Hubers Law to a flinch-inducing string of typo humiliations. The ousted founder gets off relatively lightly, however, perhaps because he "gives strength to all members" of the firm.

Mamun has a "great latitude of legal knowledge" (though not when it comes to spelling "convayancing"), which "often mesmerise our clients". Hopefully hypnotised clients won't notice that he is "very passionate to his baby daughter and son".

Still, at least none of the profiles misspell the name of a country.

Oh well. If you've seen a law firm website riddled with errors which wouldn't get past a primary school teacher, let RollOnFriday know.


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anonymous user
21/04/2017 09:59
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I hope Norbert now has that title announced whenever he enters a room:

"Make way for Norbert Karngong, Justice of the Peace for England and Wales by the grace of the Lord Chief Justice, the Right Honorable The Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, on behalf and in the name of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second"

I'm also very impressed that ZS misspelled Wales but managed to spell Cwmgiedd correctly.
anonymous user
21/04/2017 11:07
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RoF is never short on typos and grammatical errors - even in this article!
anonymous user
21/04/2017 13:53
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The Walsh Assemble are not gonna be happy about this

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