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Exclusive: Judge's fantastic instructions for interns revealed
31 March 2017
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An Indian Judge has put together a no-holds-barred instruction manual for interns.

Justice Gautam Patel of the Bombay High Court is attributed as the author of the 13 page "Interns' Starter Kit", which appears designed to deter crappy ones from applying. In his introduction the judge advised that the most important attribute is passion, which, "must be the stuff that makes you want to deny yourself sleep". He warned, "If you're not beginning to feel like this, you're probably not doing the right thing and I have no time of place for you". 

    Justice Patel wants YOU! Probably not you, actually.

The judge is known in India for delivering zingers in his judgments and he admitted to prospective interns reading his guide that "you will find some of it funny: that's intentional". But, he added, "all of it is serious". In an expansive and occasionally brutal 29-point section headed "Interning: The UnFAQ" he provided guidance on everything from dress codes to loo etiquette, including the following top tips:


Justice Patel's infamous sense of humour was also on display throughout the document, particularly when he (jokingly?) ordered interns to laugh at his gags:

He also established the new standard term for the aircon setting which induces hypothermia: "Justice Patel Cold":

As comprehensive as Justice Patel's guide to getting sacked was, he admitted that women's clothing was in his blind spot. Men's clothing and grooming, however, was not.:


Despite his harsh language, Justice Patel may actually have a heart of gold, or at least a bronze aorta. His kit included the edict that "my staff is family", who were "to be treated gently and respectfully at all times". As for holidays:

Here's the full document. Crib away, UK judges:


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anonymous user
01/04/2017 17:41
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Nice guy!
anonymous user
02/04/2017 04:14
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There is nothing "fraudulent" about recording time spent on the bog, in the bath or anywhere else if you were genuinely thinking about chargeable work. Why don't people get this.
anonymous user
03/04/2017 17:13
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Because nobody like the idea of paying for people to shit, even if their horrifying caseload does pop into their heads at the point of dropping a huge logger. Jesus.
anonymous user
05/04/2017 09:30
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Report as offensive - really sad update! He has terminated the internship programme now.

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