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Bonkers Law Firm Website: Onside Law's staff profiles go way offside
31 March 2017
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A firm specialising in sports law has turned its lawyers' dull profiles into thrilling footballer trading cards.

Two ex-Clifford Chance lawyers and an ex-Nabarro lawyer set up Onside Law (geddit?) in 2005. They also advise on fashion and media matters, but it's clear that soccer is their true passion. As well as the name, all of their staff's bios are framed as football trading cards. A lawyer's title is described as their "Position", their ex-firms are "Previous Clubs" and client secondments mean they went "on loan".

As expected, forcing a lawyer's CV into a football card format highlights the tragic differences between a gifted superstar worshipped by thousands of fans and a solicitor who advised on "all aspects" of the 2018 Ryder Cup Bid process. But at least their photos change when you roll your mouse over them. Can Vieira say that?.

No he can't.   

  Goldberg doesn't mind that your team won the derby, honest. 

  Stevie hits the woodwork. 

  Shenal prays it's all over. It's not yet.

  He's scored! Tompkins has scored! In his mind.

    The camera zooms in on a jubilant fan. 

    Chris doesn't like the ref's decision. 

    But Thorp doesn't need glasses, he's already got them. 

    Singer loves football. Loves it. 

Onside Law now has another title, BLFW Winner March 2017, to add to its trophy cabinet. If you've been nutmegged by a bonkers law firm website, write in. 


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anonymous user
03/04/2017 11:19
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Some of them are very dashing.
anonymous user
03/04/2017 18:57
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Specialisms?????? WTF?
anonymous user
05/04/2017 14:47
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....and some stunners never made it off "the bench"

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