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KWM partners launch "hardship fund" for shafted staff
03 March 2017
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Three KWM partners have launched an appeal asking their old colleagues to donate money to help former staff following the collapse of the European and Middle East arm of the firm in January.

Former KWM Europe and Middle East managing partner Tim Bednall, along with two London partners in the miniature, resurrected KWM Europe, are setting up the hardship fund. Bednall has emailed former partners encouraging them to donate generously to help staff hit by "undue hardship". 

William Boss asked to dig deep. How it might look.

Fellow partners Darren Roiser and David Wilman will, together with Bednall, be the trustees of the fund. Roiser told RollOnFriday that whilst the trio are still figuring out the formalities to determine exactly who will benefit, the aim is to help former staff who are in "imminent financial difficulty" for reasons which may include maternity leave or serious illness. He said he was "heartened" that some former partners, and associates, have already responded positively and said they want to contribute.

RollOnFriday launched a jobs-for-KWMers appeal as the firm cratered, but it's refreshing to see partners trying to do the right thing. Plenty of their peers were rather too willing to shaft the firm and its employees as the wheels came off KWM, subjecting the minions to cancelled pay and, for some, bleak prospects. And it's probably more constructive than a very public blame game.


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