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Macfarlanes retention rate 100%, Gide retention rate 0%
03 March 2017
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Macfarlanes has announced a perfect 100% retention rate, as it will employ all six of its trainees who are qualifying this Spring.

The firm has had a good run. In Autumn 2016 it retained eighteen of its twenty one trainees with a 86% retention rate, and in Spring last year it scored a perfect 100% with all six trainees being kept on. The results over the last year are a marked improvement from Autumn 2015 when it took on fourteen of the nineteen trainees with a 74% retention score. And the latest batch of NQs will start on a not-too-shabby £71k. 

Macfarlanes fared well in the RollOnFriday Firm of the Year survey,  scoring 71% overall. One lawyer, who sounds like he's hooked up to the office supply of Pimms, charted the experience at the firm at each level: "Trainee social life is a hoot!  Junior associate social life is mad! Senior associate social life tends to tail off ... Partner social life is a hoot!"

At the other end of the scale, the London office of French firm Gide scored a woeful 0% for its retention rates as it will  not be taking on either of its two trainees on qualification. Homegrown NQs at the London office are so unusual that the Planet Earth film crew waits for several seasons to catch a rare sighting: none of the two trainees were kept on in Spring last year, although remarkably the firm managed to keep hold of one of its brood of two trainees in September last year.

  Gide's website with stock photo of a trainee literally being pushed off a cliff at the end of their training contract

RollOnFriday editing in red


The current retention table:



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anonymous user
02/02/2018 18:51
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Embarrassing for Gide.

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