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Exclusive: Mishcon acted for Brexit campaign as well as Remain campaigners
24 February 2017
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Mishcon de Reya advised UKIP-bankroller Arron Banks on his Brexit campaign weeks before it worked with staunch Remainers to defeat the government over Article 50. 

Mischon scored a PR coup when it acted for Gina Miller on her successful challenge to the government's attempt to trigger Brexit without parliamentary approval. It was more reticent about its work for Banks. A spokesman for Mishcon told RollOnFriday, "we can confirm that we act for Mr Banks", but, "we cannot provide any further information or comment". Luckily Banks can. In fact he wrote a book about it. In his self-congratulatory memoir The Bad Boys of Brexit, the co-founder of the Leave.EU campaign recalled telling a journalist how he planned to sue the rival Brexit campaign, Vote Leave, for defamation:

Banks targeted the chief executive of Vote Leave, Matthew Elliot, whom he called "Lord Elliot of Loserville" because "he's so desperate for a peerage". The multi-millionaire friend of Farage revealed that he even filmed Mishcon's writ being served:

Banks also revealed that Mishcon may have helped the fateful referendum occur when it did. When the government decided to make Vote Leave the official Brexit campaign instead of EU.Leave, Banks wanted to seek a Judicial Review. Mischon's advice convinced him to drop it:

Mishcon's integral role in facilitating the referendum presumably made it the ideal candidate to poke holes in the result, because a few weeks later it took instructions from Miller and subsequently helped to overturn the government's interpretation of Article 50 in the High Court.

  Whoever loses, Mishcon wins

The outcome infuriated Banks, who said, "it’s no surprise that the legal establishment has joined the political class in declaring war on British democracy". Although clearly the canny parts of the legal establishment don't declare war, they just deal arms to both sides.


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