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Air rage passenger claims to be Linklaters lawyer
17 February 2017
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An airline passenger has appeared in a video published by the Daily Mail, in which she argues with another passenger over an arm rest and claims to be a lawyer at Linklaters.

Another passenger on the Monarch Airlines flight from Gatwick to Malaga filmed the fracas, in which a man and a woman argue ferociously while crew members try to calm them down. The man refuses offers to move to another seat, saying that "the woman is obnoxious and rude, I'm not going anywhere". The woman retorts that "he just punched me with his elbow" and "I am a lawyer at Linklaters and I will sue you guys".

  Within seconds everyone was standing up claiming to be a Linklaters lawyer

Linklaters was unaware of the incident until contacted by RollOnFriday when it first revealed the story. On Thursday a spokeswoman declined to comment on whether it had located the employee, but she did say, “it’s clearly important that all of our people understand the importance of representing the company’s values outside the workplace”.

The news follows hot on the heels of a Linklaters' associate helping British Transport Police with their enquiries after being filmed in an altercation with a passenger on a train. It is not known why the firm is doping its water coolers with steroids.


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anonymous user
17/02/2017 16:30
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Does anyone know if this is a Linklaters lawyer yet? I can say for certain that she isn't in the Dispute Resolution team at Linklaters London
anonymous user
17/02/2017 21:41
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Have you checked the dispute creating department?

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