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HogLove wins best client perk
10 February 2017
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In-house lawyers have been responding to RollOnFriday's survey to reveal the firms that have been getting things right, and those that haven't. If you're in-house fill it in here if you haven’t already done so.

RollOnFriday has been combing through the responses to find the best perk offered by a firm and using a complex set of criteria (Inclusivity, Originality, Fun and Hurry Up, Just Pick One), Hogan Lovells has emerged victorious.

The nominating in-house lawyer said HogLove's trip to Lee Valley's white water rafting centre was "a fantastic way to bond during an awesome activity”.  As well as being original and equally embarrassing and hazardous whatever one's gender, HogLove showed guts with its choice. Not every firm would invite clients to dress up in a tight wetsuit, to be hurled around whilst slapped in the face with a wayward oar, all in the name of bus dev. But a client that was there said that they "absolutely loved it".
  "I don't care if you get water up your nose, get in there and network"

And HogLove isn't the only firm to be praised for offering clients an interesting sport activity. In a previous year's survey, DAC Beachcroft took clients to the Herne Hill velodrome to dress up like Chris Hoy in a funhouse mirror and chase lycra-clad buttocks round a track. An in-house lawyer who attended described it as "fun, mixed and competitive". 

Those were both good perks, just to be clear. If you're in-house let us know any bad or good perks you have received here.


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