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White & Case retains 88% of trainees
03 February 2017
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Trainees across the land are soon to metamorphosise behind closed doors to re-emerge as qualified lawyers in the spring. White & Case is the latest firm to announce its retention figures, with the London office keeping on 15 of its 17 trainees.

Partner and training principal Justin Benson said the high retention rate reflects White & Case's "success in recruiting, retaining and nurturing the very best young lawyers", and that the firm will be rewarding them all with a massive wedge on qualification.*

  A trainee leaves a pagination bundle for a moment of celebration
The US firm's retention rate of 88% follows a generally solid run for the firm over the last couple of years. In 2015, the firm kept on 100% of its trainees in both the Spring and Autumn cohorts. Although 2016 was a mixed-bag as 87% of the trainees qualified in the Spring but a less vintage 75% were take on in Autumn.

White & Case has also given sanctuary to two King & Wood Mallesons' trainees (following the implosion of KWM's European arm), with one having started at the firm this week, and another due to start in mid-February. Partner Justin Benson told RollOnFriday that several future KWM trainees are "currently being assessed as potential candidates to join the programme". But whether any of them might also join the Trump fandom remains to be seen.

Other firms to have announced their 2017 spring retention figures can all boast good results, as both Mayer Brown and Slaughter & May scored a perfect 100% and Trowers & Hamlins revealed that 93% of its trainees will qualify.

* Not his words, but the NQs will be on a cool £90k


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