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Christmas Quiz winner revealed
20 January 2017
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Between turduckens, Bond and Brexit rows with relatives, hundreds of readers managed to take their RollOnFriday Christmas exam.

Impressively, 55 people picked all 12 correct answers in the Xmas Quiz. Their names were entered into a festive Xcel spreadsheet, printed out, laminated and flung in the air. A blindfolded RoF hack plucked out a lucky winner, who is...(drumroll)

    Wait for it 

...Alex Hunt, a senior associate at Mills & Reeve. With the choice of £100, a kindle or lunch with the RollOnFriday team, Alex broke our hearts and picked the money. He said, "I never win anything so this is a delightful surprise.  I am quite tempted by the meal but I would hate to break the tradition of winners spurning your invitation.  Another year eating alone for you guys I’m afraid".

Well done Mr Hunt. He doesn't need them, but for everyone else here are the correct answers:  


Why did Trowers fire an employee? 

He stank
He stole a photocopier
He refused to wear trousers
He kept a hamster in his desk

How many recruitment agents did RollOnFriday catch Dawn Ellmore Employment inventing? 

All nine

What did a DLA Piper partner claim he was referring to when he used the word 'Klunt'? 

A vagina
A German
A Flanimal
A fire extinguisher

What did Burges Salmon accidentally send to opposing lawyers? 

An invoice for dry cleaning
A picture of a cat
Nuclear launch codes

How did Addleshaw Goddard promote a data protection event? 

Sent an email revealing its clients' names to each other
Arranged a teleconference with Edward Snowdon
Hacked Hillary Clinton's emails
Told all its lawyers to live off the grid

What did Kirkland & Ellis start paying its newly-qualified lawyers in London? 

£90,000 p.a.
£110,000 p.a.
£125,000 p.a.
£1,000,000 p.a.

What got Fieldfisher's Senior Partner in hot water? 

Extreme ironing

Why did Clifford Chance clamp down on free taxis for its lawyers? 

It didn't think they should ever leave the office
To encourage jogging
Lawyers were leaving work the minute the firm paid for cabs
Lawyers were getting drivers to endlessly circle Canary Wharf

Why did a Weil associate complain about a 15% pay rise? 

It was too much
It was too little
It was paid in pesos
There was animal fat in the £5 notes

How do Cook & Co trainees begin their working day? 

At 10am with a Poptart
At 9.30am with a flat white
At 8am with a double expresso
At 5.45am with a quote from 'Wall Street'

When KWM got itself into dire straits, what did partners manage to do?
Save the firm by signing up to a one year lock-in
Save the firm by contributing some of their cash to the coffers
Make sure all the staff got jobs elsewhere
Shaft the staff, arrange new jobs for themselves and jump ship

Why does no-one criticise the open plan layout at CMS? 

"because we bloody love it"
"for fear of being replaced by a Nabarro person"
"for fear of being seen to be anti-social"
"because the floor is electrified"


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