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Best 20 blogs of the year
23 December 2016
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RollOnFriday has combed through the 2016 blogs using a highly developed set of criteria (Originality, Amusement, Diversity, and Is That The Time, Just Pick some), and here are the chosen 20.

Warning: some blogs contain sex dolls, dirty limericks and images of Farage.

  Merry Fotso cannot lose this case against Amazon
Lawyer's profile on "TV Talent Supermarket" reveals he is basically Patrick Bateman

That student did not invent the first robot lawyer

Bizarre London property for sale
 16.    North Korea comic break
 15.    A lovely little humblebrag
   LinkedIn lawyer threatens to gun down court
 13.   The Lord Chancellor is a coward
Saatchi visits Horwich Farrelly
 11.    Bonkers e-card features naked lawyers
 10.    The Erdogan filthy poetry prize
 9.   The highly talented court artist on Brexit heartbreak, and erm, the Brexit of BDSM
 8.   Married to Adam Sandler? This firm can't help you
 7.   A selection of marvellous names in law. Plus this one.
 6.    41 bugnuts things your parents do now
 5.    Nigel Farage filthy limerick competition
 4.  A Gun Show in Trumpland

Legal lookalikes. Meet the lawyers who look like slebs.

Best trainee jobs. And invaluable tips for trainees.

Scamming the scammers. The Lawyer Sex Doll emails. Uncle Badtouch and Brexit shock infects nervous scam artists.


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