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Review of the Year: July to September
23 December 2016
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The vote for Brexit didn't just shake the metropolitan elite to its core. Several law firms slammed the brakes on planned pay rises, with emails leaking to RollOnFriday from BLP's Managing Partner revealing its pay freeze (which it bungled), and another rom Trowers & Hamlins which implored lawyers to tell their clients the UK was open for business. Freezes at other firms followed. Meanwhile, Mishcon was beset by a rabble for daring to represent clients querying whether Brexit should mean Brexit.

It wasn't all Remoaning. A Linklaters partner was found guilty of assault and another was indicted for raping an intern. Nabarro lawyers were told to charge clients while they were on the loo. And in a stunning development, the SRA commenced an investigation into Fieldfisher's senior partner, after details emerged of his involvement in a sporting scandal.

Over the dog days of summer, Simmons & Simmons made the headlines when it cut jobs across its London office. So did Clifford Chance, when it clamped down on its cab cheat lawyers. We've all done it.

September brought the claim that staff in DLA Piper's Sydney office had to "beg" partners for work. Another disgruntled lawyer, this time at Weil, forced RollOnFriday to get out its tiny violin when he complained that the firm's 15% pay rises were not nearly enough. And there was more anger, this time at Chadbourne & Parke's London office, when livid female partners discovered that a colleague had roped them all into her sexism claim against the firm without their consent.

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