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Glamorous Solicitor 2016 - Round Two
23 December 2016
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Round One of the Glamorous Solicitor 2016 has closed and the 12 survivors have been chosen.

The crown will not sit atop the monocled brow of Charles Kellett, nor the sweaty locks of Brian T Casey. Thomas Rozsa'a jewels weren't enough to keep him in the race, and despite Graham Harvey's strong staring game, he's out too, along with Wiktor Buza and his haircut.

Which leaves the 12 most popular Glams to battle it out in Round Two. Vote for your favourite(s) here, with your heart, and a dash of your groin. The second round will close on Thursday 12th January, and on Friday the six semi-finalists will be announced.

  Pieter Joost Schaap, Capra Law, Netherlands

  Arijana Petres, partner, Schoenherr, Croatia 

 Martin Lewis, principal residential property 
lawyer, Slater & Gordon

 Peter Fox, Else Solicitors

 Laurent Lusinchi, patent attorney, Ladas & Parry, Los Angeles

 Kamar Khan, Solicitor, Taylor Knight and Wolff, via LinkedIn

 Mark W. Benjamin. Criminal lawyer. Minnesota

 James Cudmore, lawyer, MacLean law

 Gary Green, Sidkoff, Pincus & Green, Philadelphia

 Geoffrey G Dellenbaugh, Counsel, McCormick, Paulding, & Huber, Connecticut

 Ryabchenko Nukhimovna, partner, BIEL law firm, Moscow

 Andrew Mason, Barrister, Scotland

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