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Exclusive: Trowers offends gay student with aids suggestion
16 December 2016
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A law student has been left stunned after a Trowers & Hamlins representative asked if he was gay and then referred to AIDS.

The student, whom RollOnFriday shall call Mr X, was subjected to the comments while browsing the stalls at the Birmingham University law fair in November. He told RollOnFriday, "I spoke to all the different firms", but only "one stood out". Unfortunately it was "for all the wrong reasons". 

After becoming engaged in conversation with one of the Trowers stallholders, Mr X said she suddenly "asked if I was gay". He said, "I must have looked shocked", as "she then followed up with, 'don't be offended, it's not like I asked if you had aids or anything'. WTF!"

  A Trowers staffer lets their inner voice loose

A Trowers spokeswoman said, "Everyone has AIDS! AIDS AIDS AIDS! AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS! Everyone has AIDS!"  "As a firm we are committed to recruiting and retaining the best talent whatever their sexual orientation, age, gender or ethnicity".


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