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Exclusive: Ince associate leaves firm after fight with Kennedys partner
16 December 2016
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An associate has left Ince & Co after allegedly assaulting a partner at a lunch in front of clients.

Insurance lawyer Nick West* "attacked" the partner in Dubai at the 'Annual Rugby Sevens Long Lunch'. Held at the luxury InterContinental Dubai hotel on 6 October, the event included speeches from two "world rugby legends" (referee Wayne Barnes and All Black Andrew Mehrtens), themed quizzes and signed balls. 

And a fight. Among the 800 rugby fans joining West was his old boss from Kennedys, where he had worked for five years before joining Ince & Co in 2016. There may be some bad blood. A source said that West "attacked" the partner in front of stunned clients, and that he was "spirited out of Dubai the next day to avoid prosecution".

  "Now who's your due diligence monkey"

Mentions of West were swiftly scrubbed from Ince & Co's website. A spokesman for the firm told RollOnFriday, "We do not accept acts of violence in any form. Following the conclusion of an internal investigation, Nick West has left the firm". A spokesman for West's new employer, K&L Gates, failed to comment.

*what is it about Nick Wests?


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