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Exclusive: protest wagon parks outside DLA Piper office
18 December 2015
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A disgruntled ex-client has parked a car outside DLA Piper's Melbourne office accusing its lawyers of being "negligent bastards".

Last Thursday a 4x4 was spotted in front of the firm's office, parked illegally and emblazoned on all sides with the possibly rhetorical question, "DLA Piper  Lawyers or Negligent Unethical Bastards?"

  First of all, the two are not mutually exclusive

DLA is one of the world's largest firms, so is bound to pick up some unwanted feedback now and again. But it really does pick 'em. In 2015, another ex-client complained loudly and widely that a partner had called him a "nutter". This appears to be the first time, however, that a critic has painted a car with insults, driven it up to the front door and left it absolutely begging to be keyed.

Instead it was towed away. The ex-client is understood to have instructed DLA Piper (and, at various times, four other firms) to defend a claim brought against his company for an unpaid debt, which he subsequently lost.

A DLA spokeswoman said, "It is clearly not the firm's preference that some individuals feel the need to use such creative measures to signal their displeasure. We have maintained an open dialogue in relation to this complaint and will continue to do so via the appropriate channels."

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