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Bonkers Law firm website: Anything but law
10 July 2015
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A German firm has invested heavily in a beautiful website which depicts its lawyers as swimming, racing, boxing philosophers.

The 20 solicitors who comprise Greenfort spared no expense realising their vision. They even hired a fleet of trawlers so four of them could pretend to be fishermen.

All the actual fishing was done by an associate.

You can take the lawyer out of the office, but you can't change his stock poses

The others prayed for sharks

That's just the homepage. There are photoshoots at a warehouse, in a vintage barbers and at a guitar shop. Even at a race track, definitely not because a couple of partners wanted to thrash classic cars for the afternoon.

  Die Fast und die Furious 

  We need a trainee, they said, it's important, they said.





  That's the problem with old cars - unreliable 

Making slightly more sense, possibly, the contact section revolves around staff playing a 'contact' sport. Although it does get very dark very quickly.


  Tobias was 40

Greenfort also bravely takes it "in the ring".

Raging Bullocks

It's his firm and he'll play boxing coach as long as he wants to

Then there's a  "Lounge" section, which other firms still haven't realised is a vital part of the legal offering.

    RollOnFriday is too young to click on the "Red hot" or "Well matured" links

All becomes clear in the employee profiles section, which adopts a question and answer format so that prospective clients and current doctors can see what's going on in the minds of Greenfort staff.


It gets humans in its stomach, Teresa


Completely batty


Dana, doing secretaries no favours




Hopefully by taking it off first, you rogue


Not even go on it. Just register.


Another big dreamer


Tamay's seen Jurassic World four times

Well done Greenfort for successfully looking like anything but a law firm. If you've spotted similar, tip off RollOnFriday.


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anonymous user
10/07/2015 11:10
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Bravo @ "humans in its stomach".
Piper the House Elf
10/07/2015 23:07
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There are Chris Eubank levels of 'lack of self awareness' going on here...

Chris Eubank levels for goodness sakes - that is one above North Korea on the 'lack of self awareness' scale!

anonymous user
15/07/2015 15:04
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Did anybody else also think that the "dive in, feel good" guy is about to hit the water very painfully ... face first...?
anonymous user
01/07/2016 16:59
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To be fair to Greenfort, I think it speaks volumes that they are not embarrassed about their inclusion in the Bonkers Websites (

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