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Clifford Chance launches Middle East trainee scheme
25 July 2014
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Clifford Chance has launched a graduate training scheme based in Dubai.

The firm is offering trainees two six month seats in the UAE and two seats in London, with, bonus, LPC training at the College of Law. Three have already been selected to escape from 40°C  temperatures into refreshing data rooms this year. All will become England and Wales Qualified Solicitors, though they had better like the desert since they'll be expected to stay there on qualification.

    Trainees will be marked down for forgetting the factor 500
The firm is already inviting applications for eight more Sun, Sand and CC* contracts to start in 2015 and 2016. The scheme is open to applicants of all nationalities and backgrounds, though Middle East Head of HR said Shona Sibbald said she was "particularly pleased to see a high number of applications from graduates with Arabic backgrounds".

Middle East Managing Partner Robin Abraham described the scheme as "wonderful and unique opportunity".  Perhaps he wasn't aware that Pinsent Masons rolled out a similar scheme a few months back, selecting four students to pack off to the desert

Still, it's a timely step for the Magic Circle firm, which next year celebrates 40 years since it opened its first office in the UAE. Abraham said "being able to offer training contracts in the Middle East is critical to our commitment to the region".

*Please note Clifford Chance is not ABTA-recognised and will not provide bail if candidates are caught drunk in the sand dunes.


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anonymous user
25/07/2014 12:10
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How exactly does someone have an "Arabic background"? Plenty of people have an Arab background, but Arabic is a language. It's a bit like being happy that people have a Swahili background. Obviously HR are completely on top of all the cultural nuances of this...
anonymous user
28/07/2014 14:21
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Looked it up, they (along with other firms) tend to want native Arabic speakers and writers. Arabic changes from region to region and gets very technical- so I would say an 'Arabic background' makes sense.

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