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RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2013: the responses flood in
30 November 2012
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RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2013 survey has been open barely a week and already more than a thousand readers have sent in their responses. So if you haven't done so already, please send in your 30 second UK law firm review or Australian law firm review.

As an initial taster of the survey results, see if you can identify the firms referred to in the following highlights*:
  1. "At first I thought they didn't realise how hard I was working. Then it dawned on me that they didn't care."
  2. "Despite you making us filthy rich, we'll pay you less than the rest of the Magic Circle because of this massive carrot that you'll never get to taste."
  3. "You're more likely to see Bigfoot, Yeti and the Beast of Bodmin playing a game of poker in a meeting room than a bonus on your payslip."
  4. "Following Salt Awareness Week and Salt Tasting Day, salt has been effectively banned from the canteen. We resort to putting oregano on our fish and chips."
  5. "Many lawyers have an alternative "life" - e.g. one writes comedy for TV in his spare time."
  6. "The phantom sh*tter is alive and well and still leaving his trail of sh*tty destruction around the firm."
    Bigfoot playing poker in a law firm yesterday

The full results, including the winners of the illustrious Firm of the Year Award and the infamous Golden Turd, will be revealed early February 2013.

For those yet to have their say, here's the survey for UK firms and here's the one for Australian firms.

*1: Clifford Chance, 2: Slaughter and May, 3: Pinsent Masons, 4 SJ Berwin, 5: Keystone, 6: MacFarlanes

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