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Linklaters pilots revolutionary 40 hour week
Less pay, but no 2am finishes ever again ... read more > (17 comments)
200 ex-KWM staff bring employment claim
Fallout continues ... read more >
Exclusive: Mishcon gives every lawyer £20
Mistaken by some for their pay review ... read more > (4 comments)
Shepherd & Wedderburn bombs with 50% trainee retention rate
Refuses to speak about it ... read more > (4 comments)
Barrister made "death threats" against law student
Warned by police for harassment ... read more > (3 comments)
Bonkers Firm Website: Terrible typo time
Loyers who rite good ... read more > (3 comments)
The RoF blogs
Desperate marketing, Lima law firm boss, the legal agony and in-house lawyer species ... read more >
Norton Rose Fulbright merger target mired in sexual discrimination scandal
Chadbourne & Parke voting to expel female partner as more women accuse it of sexism ... read more > (2 comments)
Exclusive: Clifford Chance partner caught rogering secretary in the office
Couldn't resist her Magic Circle ... read more > (10 comments)
Linklaters, Three Crowns and Skadden save man from lethal injection
Team helps mentally impaired prisoner win US Supreme Court appeal ... read more > (1 comment)
Clyde & Co associate prosecuted for allegedly ignoring entire case
This business would be a whole lot simpler without the clients ... read more > (8 comments)
Barrister sacked as part-time judge for abusing punters
Do not feed the learned troll ... read more > (3 comments)
Exclusive: "Waste of skin" legal costs lawyer in homophobic attack
Claims it wasn't him ... read more > (7 comments)
The RoF blogs
More desperate marketing, Legal Agony and Chambers & Partners ... read more >
Clyde & Co handed record £80,000 fine by SDT
Three partners broke money laundering regs ... read more > (6 comments)
Exclusive: Penningtons Manches hires struck-off ex-BLP partner
Misused half a million of client cash ... read more > (8 comments)
BLP says trainees should work in Manchester to "be the best they can be"
Spare the north spoil the child ... read more > (5 comments)
CMS, Nabarro and Olswang pay trainees £10,000 to take 6 month holiday
Yeah go on then ... read more > (6 comments)
KWM exits Saudi Arabia
Scales back again ... read more > (2 comments)
Ex-Addleshaw Goddard Managing Associate suspended for three months
After being caught with enough meth to fell a small rhino ... read more > (1 comment)
Lawyers at Thompsons will vote on strike action against partners
The peasants are revolting! ... read more > (5 comments)
The RoF blogs
Desperate marketing, eating in Venice, and the Legal Agony ... read more >
Exclusive: Jones Day made $200k donation to Keith Vaz charity
But offers nothing to our Rubber Up Vaz Appeal ... read more > (2 comments)
Exclusive: Slaughter and May makes up same partner twice
Due to separate Hong Kong partnership ... read more > (1 comment)
Exclusive: Law firms to release branded children's stories
Unbelievable books will hit shelves tomorrow ... read more >
Exclusive: Judge's fantastic instructions for interns revealed
"Don't come in with a two day metrosexual stubble. This is not a nightclub" ... read more > (4 comments)
Dodgy Solicitor stole £4 million and bought son £800k wine collection
A pillar of the community ... read more > (1 comment)
Bonkers Law Firm Website: Onside Law's staff profiles go way offside
City lawyers turn fantasy league into fantasy firm ... read more > (3 comments)
The RoF blogs
Featuring leather-clad lawyers on motorbikes. Plus Channel 4 seeks lawyers willing to go on the run for £100k prize ... read more >
Deutsche Bank refuses to pay for NQ and trainee work
Firms silent, but junior lawyers' reps speak out ... read more > (1 comment)
Exclusive: KWM invites shafted trainees to apply for jobs - as paralegals
Cheeky gets ... read more >
Exclusive: Lawyers and legal costs experts in huge LinkedIn handbag fight
Woman called a "waste of skin" and heroic DWF partner defends NQ ... read more > (2 comments)
Exclusive: Simpson Millar office boss confronts lawyers over "Milk Scandal"
“I will pop out and get some milk for today but this will be the last time” ... read more >
Best Firm of the Year 2017 comments: Your sickest burns
And saddest confessions ... read more >
Exclusive: GDL and LPC provider creates fictional testimonials
If you missed the asterisk you might think it was heaven ... read more >
The RoF blogs
The Legal Agony on a smelly trainee ... read more >
Lawyers slam "farcical" judge application process
1st round cancelled, 2nd round a "debacle" ... read more > (3 comments)
Exclusive: KWM launches freelance lawyer business
But will ex staff who were shafted, apply? ... read more > (2 comments)
Hill Dickinson office defaced with obscene graffiti
And it won't come off ... read more > (7 comments)
Osborne Clarke announces 100% retention rate
Huzzah! ... read more >
Firm of the Year 2017: The best meeting room biscuits
A shock winner ... read more >
Firm of the Year 2017: The worst meeting room biscuits
Mmm, dog poo cupcakes ... read more >
The RoF Blogs
Scarface strikes ... read more >
Firm of the Year 2017: The best firms for work/life balance
Surprise as City firm beats regionals ... read more > (4 comments)
Firm of the Year 2017: The worst firms for work/life balance
US and Magic Circle firms dominate ... read more > (8 comments)
Exclusive: Simmons & Simmons refuses to say if NQs are on temp contracts
Something smells fishy ... read more > (5 comments)
Exclusive: Withers offers female staff half-price salad on Women’s Day
You're doing it wrong ... read more > (9 comments)
BPP Vice Chancellor in shock exit as government reviews its uni status
Mystery surrounds Chief Exec's overnight departure ... read more > (1 comment)
Herbies partner discusses her mental health issues on BBC
Breaking the taboo which may apply to you ... read more > (8 comments)
Dodgy Solicitor who gambled £1.2m client cash “pressed the sod it button”
Went “kamikaze” ... read more > (6 comments)
The RoF Blogs
Cringe at ex-KWM boss, credit a great partner profile ... read more >
Exclusive: Reed Smith hikes pay, one year after increasing chargeable hours
After a year of stick, a carrot ... read more > (4 comments)
Exclusive: DLA Piper postpones pay reviews so it can match rivals
Fee-earners cautiously optimistic ... read more > (5 comments)
Exclusive: DLA Piper staffer jailed for brutal homophobic attack
Drunk tool swore at and assaulted gay couple in Soho ... read more > (3 comments)
KWM partners launch "hardship fund" for shafted staff
Some good eggs ... read more >
Firm of the Year 2017: the best loos
Which firms provide staff with a sparkling porcelain wonderland? ... read more >
Firm of the Year 2017: the worst loos
And which firms offer nothing but splashback ... read more > (5 comments)
Macfarlanes retention rate 100%, Gide retention rate 0%
England 1 France 0 ... read more >
Exclusive: QMUL masters student investigated for faking law degree
Disciplined by Oxford Brookes for forging first class certificate ... read more > (3 comments)
Exclusive: Watson Burton partners vanish as auditor quits
Nothing to see here ... read more > (4 comments)
Exclusive: KWM blasted for snatching IP rights at law "hackathon"
Fury at small print sneakiness ... read more > (3 comments)
The RoF Blogs
The Not 100 list, Legal Agony and a defence of in-house lawyers ... read more >
Firm of the Year 2017: The firms with the best culture
Where the way of life is positive ... read more >
Firms of the year 2017. The firms with the worst culture
Where nobody knows your name ... read more > (11 comments)
Slaughter and May hires first ever London partner from outside the firm
It'll be replacing the jelly babies with M&Ms next ... read more > (4 comments)
Exclusive: BLP keeps just 55% of its trainees
In danger of getting a reputation ... read more >
Slater & Gordon worth less than nothing
Debts outstrip assets ... read more > (6 comments)
Exclusive: BLM made 300 staff share one toilet and is axing partners
Toiletwatergate ... read more > (3 comments)
Exclusive: Mishcon acted for Brexit campaign as well as Remain campaigners
Don't call it a Chinese Wall, though. It's a British wall made by British people ... read more >
The RoF Blogs
Eh testimonial from ULaw, Uh email from Jones Day partner ... read more >
Firm of the Year 2017: The best firms for career development
Partners don't own these firms. They merely hold them for the next generation ... read more > (7 comments)
Firm of the Year 2017: The worst firms for career development
Where competency is crushed ... read more > (9 comments)
Herbert Smith Freehills sues ex-partners
Who are moving to White & Case ... read more > (2 comments)
Exclusive: Firm used by Magic Circle guilty of bribery and corruption
Cyprus, living up to its reputation as a paradise for crims ... read more > (4 comments)
Clifford Chance in 67% trainee retention shock
Usually a strong performer ... read more >
Air rage passenger claims to be Linklaters lawyer
Woman boasted on flight that she worked at the firm ... read more > (2 comments)
The RoF blogs
RollOnFriday has identified the nottest lawyers in the UK. It's the Not 100 list. And a lawyer makes the switch to personal trainer ... read more >
Firm of the Year 2017: The Best-Managed Firms
Like Caeser on steroids ... read more > (1 comment)
Firm of the Year 2017: The Worst-Managed Firms
Like Nero in a chimp suit ... read more > (20 comments)
Exclusive: Travers Smith tells vacation scheme students to black up
*jazz hands* ... read more > (10 comments)
Exclusive: Drunk racist 'solicitor' who ranted at lawyer is not a solicitor
Thanks the media ... read more > (5 comments)
Herbert Smith Freehills and Clifford Chance both axe offices in Qatar
Doha, don't take it personally ... read more > (2 comments)
HogLove wins best client perk
Bold corporate hospitality of the year ... read more >
The RoF Blogs
The terrible jeans of Kellyanne Conway's law firm partner husband, plus a homophobic partner problem solved ... read more >
RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2017 - The best firms for pay
A rich lawyer's world ... read more > (4 comments)
RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2017 - The worst firms for pay
Wonga woes ... read more > (5 comments)
Say howdy to Eversheds Sutherland
Firm's massive US merger goes live ... read more > (2 comments)
White & Case retains 88% of trainees
And gives sanctuary to two KWM trainees ... read more >
Exclusive: Willkie Farr partner caught in office sex act by SIX lawyers
#Gobblegate ... read more > (18 comments)
Exclusive: Jailed ex-Ince & Co partner wins “Lawyer of the Year"
Stunning achievement after being struck off ... read more > (12 comments)
The RoF Blogs
Legal Agony, UK lawyer v Trump and City law music ... read more >
Firm of the Year 2017 results: The top firms
And complete overall rankings ... read more > (1 comment)
Firm of the Year 2017 results: The mediocre firms
Not appearing on your internal bulletins soon ... read more > (1 comment)
Firm of the Year 2017 results: The worst firms
Crikey ... read more > (4 comments)
Mishcon defeats government in Brexit battle
Mishcon means Mishcon ... read more > (3 comments)
KWM administrator blames fleeing partners for collapse
Caused run on the firm ... read more > (1 comment)
12 Jones Day lawyers take jobs with Donald Trump
So he's drained one swamp at least ... read more > (3 comments)
Dodgy judge ripped off clients for £1million
Firm's accountant caught up in fraud, committed suicide ... read more >
The RoF blogs
Legal agony advice, the court artist on Art 50, the Lord Chancellor starts to grow a spine, and the Help KWM staff appeal ... read more >
RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2017 - The Winner
The firm with the happiest staff ... read more > (3 comments)

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