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Lawyer suspended over sexting shame
11 July 2014
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An Ohio lawyer has been suspended after sending filthy text messages to his clerk.

John D. Mismas advertised for a student to be his clerk in 2011. The Ohio Supreme Court found that he interviewed a "Ms C", offered her the job, then bombarded her with messages asking her to perform various acts upon him. This continued until Ms C resigned after only two weeks.

Mismas said that he was an alcoholic, that he sent the messages when he was off his face and that he was appalled by his "disgusting and grotesque" behaviour.

    Mismas eyeing up a clerk yesterday

None of which cut any mustard with the court, which held that Mismas "did not just send sexually explicit text messages to a law student he sought to employ — he abused the power and prestige of our profession to demand sexual favors from her as a condition of employment". It suspended Mismas for a year, reduced to six months if he continues with his alcoholism treatment.



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anonymous user
11/07/2014 08:51
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Dude looks like a hamster. That's uncanny.
anonymous user
11/07/2014 09:47
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Such a shame his first name isn't Chris...
anonymous user
11/07/2014 12:47
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He should change his name to Chris, just for a laugh
anonymous user
11/07/2014 14:20
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Dirt bag