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Lawyer who fell in love with rapist client faces driving charges
09 May 2014
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Dodgy solicitor Davina Murray is demanding a re-hearing after she was found guilty of a driving offence for failing to stop for police.

Murray failed to attend her hearing in Auckland District Court last month. In her absence she was found guilty, fined $850 and ordered to pay costs of $130. Murray’s now demanding a re-hearing and plans to defend the charge. She told the New Zealand Herald that she “wasn’t aware” of any hearing.

The former Kiwi lawyer has never been far from the attention of the media since she confessed to falling in love with her rapist client, Liam Reid, whom she planned to marry in his prison cell. And who wouldn’t fall in love with a convicted rapist and murderer currently serving a 26 year jail sentence? Well something obviously appealed to Murray who visited Reid some 80 times over nine months to a level which “became quite extraordinary” noted the judge.

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Murray was also found guilty of smuggling an iPhone, cigarettes and a lighter into Reid's high-security prison cell. But she didn't quite manage to smuggle in two people whom she wanted to act as "witnesses at my wedding", the court was told. Murray vehemently denied the charges, but last minute changed to a guilty plea. She was sentenced to 50 hours community service. The New Zealand Law Society did not renew her practising certificate.

The Law Society said that Murray was "not a fit and proper person to hold a practising certificate".



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