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Lawyers busted for drugs offences in Durham and New Orleans
05 October 2012
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Two lawyers hit the headlines this week when news of a couple of embarrassing drug busts came to light.

Ex-solicitor Bernard Tombling appeared in Durham Crown Court this week for sentencing after his conviction for possession of a massive £8,000 worth of amphetamine. He claimed it was for his (and his then girlfriend Lisa Hutchinson's) personal use.

During the original three-day trial in July, the prosecution argued that the stash was part of a wider plan to create an escort agency, in which the drugs would be used by clients to heighten their experiences. Tombling claimed that he simply bought in bulk as he and Hutchinson got through up to £300 of speed every week. The jury believed them, and both were found not guilty of intent to supply. But the 716 grams of low-quality amphetamine found in the house was sufficient to get Tombling a sentence of 120 hours of unpaid work.

Tombling, now thought to be a millionaire property investor, had worked as a solicitor until he was jailed and struck off in 2000 for defrauding the legal aid board to the tune of £170,000.

    Bernard Tombling showing no ill effects despite spending £300 a week on low quality speed.
In New Orleans, there was much hilarity at the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court following the self-imposed drug bust on assistant city attorney Jason Cantrell. A single joint somehow escaped from Cantrell's pocket as he was waiting inside court for a hearing - and fell to the ground right in front of a policeman. Whoops. Cantrell was led from the courtroom and subsequently resigned from his public sector job.

In a statement, Cantrell's wife said she was "embarrassed". Sounds about right.



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anonymous user
11/10/2012 18:08
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Bearing in mind that he's only 25, the speed doesn't seem to have done Bernard any harm...