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Crazy, crazy law firm website
09 July 2010
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This week's embarrassing law firm website is courtesy of Lyndales Solicitors. Where staff combine "straight talking, plain speaking and no nonsense" with the enthusiastic capering of an Andrex puppy.

The firm's site is a treat, coupling "wacky" images of its lawyers - all vibrant, excitable bundles of energy - with stark pictures of, err, a potato. Apparently this illustrates the verbosity of all non-Lyndale solicitors. Congratulations to all involved.

    Ashley Lacome-Shaw displays his "human touch and a sprinkling of humour".

    John Segal wants to lapdance for you.

    If Nick Aveling can't solve your case, he can always call Batman to help out.

    Stuart Merrison has also mastered tying his own shoelaces

  Stanley Harris OBE is hopelessly lost

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