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Bonkers law firm website used terrible artist to draw its lawyers
30 September 2016
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This week's bonkers law firm website features horrible pictures of its staff.

Watford trademark and patent firm Dollymores begins well, greeting visitors to its homepage with a gallery of tasteful sketches of a lamp, a chair and a globe.

But it gets a bit amateur hour from there. An unnamed draftsman, presumably a partner who fancies themself as a bit of an artist, appears to have persuaded the firm to substitute photos of the staff with wobbly sketches. The creative maestro employed a flamboyant scribbly-arms motif to really bring the subjects to life. And to avoid drawing hands. 

Stuart was a simple lad

  Vicki's bad hair day

    Shady Chris 

  "Thanks for making me look like a fiddler"


RollOnFriday's thoughts are with Philippa. However, detractors should note that a drawing does have certain advantages over a photo, particularly ease of amendment. ROF understands that a balding Shoosmiths partner recently ordered the PR team to photoshop him a hair transplant.

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anonymous user
04/10/2016 17:01
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These sketches remind me a bit of school textbooks. The ones where the printing budget would stretch to black, white and one colour but no more.