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Bonkers Law Firm Website: Yes it is terrifying
12 August 2016
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This week's Bonkers Law Firm Website satisfies the cultural sensibilities of its clients by providing them with a dose of body horror.

Dutch firm De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek's website looks perfectly bland for a couple of seconds. But then modern art happens, and a glistening black and white shape rolls into view.

As the object resolves into a naked humanoid figure, it begins to dance and gobs of black and white gunk drip from its body, just above the profile photo of a partner.

The camera pulls back to reveal a huge eyeless head, because nothing says legal expertise like a terrifying faceless demon.

A pal afflicted with a similar skin complaint joins the creature, and together they enact a ritualistic mating dance on the homepage of an actual law firm.

"Not a day goes by without one of our clients or colleagues commenting on photographs in our meeting rooms", boasts the firm elsewhere on its site. "They may reflect on the style of a photograph or ask why it is there". Which could be a good or a bad thing.

De Brauw, which featured on RollOnFriday in 2014 when an excellent resignation letter leaked, digs art. As well as sponsoring a photography museum, it showcases a different film on its site every month. August's challenging offering, 'Imago Dei', is by Shai Langen, an Amsterdam-based material designer and visual artist who "transforms and reshapes the human body in a performative and intuitive way, by means of material experiment". In other words, he covers models with wallpaper paste and then paints them.

Either it was time for the monthly rotation or clients started billing De Brauw for therapy, because the gloopy monster dance disappeared this week, replaced with a photo of a road. Here's the hypnotic video without De Brauw stamped all over it:

And here are more bonkers sites. If you've spotted one, write in.



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anonymous user
12/08/2016 09:51
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Love it! Like Guillermo del Toro for law firms.