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Judge berated for posting photos of himself in his pants
01 July 2016
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A 50 year old judge has been rounded on by others for posting photos of himself on social media wearing just his pants.

Kiichi Okaguchi who presides over civil cases in the high court, has slung up the semi-naked pictures on his Twitter account. One accompanying message to his 21,000 Twitter followers said he would "keep posting images of my naked body and me wearing just white briefs".

However, the director of the High Court, Saburo Tokura, is not a fan and said that the pictures "lower the dignity of judges". The secretary general of the court echoed the comments saying that "it is regrettable that an active judge has carried out an act that hurts public trust".

Okaguchi has apologised for "causing enormous nuisance to the people". Although he is not sorry enough to remove the pictures from his Twitter page, along with posts of other men in various states of undress. Here's a brief selection:
It's perfectly natural to only wear pants in the bathroom

It's perfectly natural to only wear pants in the gym

It's perfectly natural to only wear pants whilst eating lunch on a park bench

  Different pants. Must be the weekend.
  Must be a court hearing day
  The judge posts pictures to show that he loves sport
   Hang on, there's a theme here ...
   Canary grabs wonga
They didn't notice the judge crouched in the locker
None of Rooney?
   Beneath the gown
   That awkward commute home
 Grand dad would be proud
   What's in the kitty?

The judge is not the first in the legal profession to get carried away with social media as demonstrated by this lawyer, and also this chap.



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