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Bonkers Website: You don't have to be a criminal to work here
11 December 2015
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A US lawyer has apparently boasted that he is a criminal in a bid to attract clients.

Richard Peacock, Mr Peacock to you, runs the Peacock Law Group in South Carolina. Going by his website, he is either occupying a very niche position in the market or in dire need of a proofreader:

Mr Peacock proceeds to spell his name incorrectly as he advertises his experience representing anyone charged with "Breadking" or intent to "districute".

    That's very districute, Breadking. You're under arrest.

Mr Peacock also has a stern instruction for those who are married: get divorced.

  Mr Peacock not being a criminal, yesterday

Having set out his stall so well, Mr Peacock appears to have decided to just slap at the keyboard with the palms of his hands.

Anyone who wishes to instruct Mr Peacock can visit his office, which is in 1853:

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anonymous user
11/12/2015 16:32
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I think this is my most favouritest ROF article ever.
anonymous user
16/12/2015 10:55
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Dear Mr Peacock, I write to inform you that your website has (a) been hacked/spoofed by cybercriminals or (b) has been put together by a completely cr@p outsourcing company and you should get his money back.
Sincerely, ROF.
anonymous user
22/01/2016 14:14
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Awesome work ROF.