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Bonkers website: Russian lawyer pouts on vaguely spicy website
04 December 2015
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A Russian lawyer has done away with a single photo on a profile page, choosing instead to plaster pictures of herself across her whole website.

Irina Svetkova, who is based in Moscow but also lists a Knightsbridge office address, includes links to her Facebook, Instagram and Livejournal pages from her website. And starting as it means to go on, visitors are greeted on the homepage by a trio of Svetkovas, one looming in the shadows, one exploring gender roles and a third pouting with a metal rabbit.

In fact, most pages feature at least three shots of Svetkova, such as the 'Successful Cases' page, where she is captured vogueing around the boardroom:

A 'lifestyle' section is a novel addition to the law firm website, and contains over 150 photos of Svetkova. It is a mystery why more firms don't put more effort into getting all their staff an online Fashion & Beauty album: Svetkova has one, and it is absolutely fabulous. PETA may not approve, though.

  Doubled over with laughter
(Irina wears Cecil the leopard, 6,000 roubles) 

    And again. It could be constipation actually
(Irina wears Ian the Bear, 12 roubles after he got too old to dance)

  Putin approves
(Irina wears an angora karate tunic, priceless)

One of the eleven other photosets depicts a party held by Svetkova to celebrate, apparently, herself. The wall hangings were themed accordingly:

  From Russia with Self-love

As was the video display:

    "My Queen, you are the fairest in the land."

And the cake, ordered by that special someone for that special someone.

    "What a surprise!"

And in case anyone hasn't got the message yet, one page on the website consists simply of this photo:

    "Hi, I don't think I understand chairs." 

However, back in the real world, you can only vote on the most Glamorous Solicitors of the year here.

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anonymous user
04/12/2015 07:18
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I would accept instructions from this lady

[/Alexander Carter-Silk]
anonymous user
04/12/2015 09:56
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Stunning photo.

(Had to be said.)
anonymous user
04/12/2015 16:15
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Pah! Not a patch on dear Charlotte!
anonymous user
04/12/2015 16:24
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Oh great - now you've shown this, one expects that Ayesha Vardag’s site will be updated over the weekend....
anonymous user
14/12/2015 21:53
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