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Bonkers Law Firm Website: Around the World in 80 Russians
20 November 2015
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This week's Bonkers Law Firm Website features a globe-trotting partnership which isn't afraid to mix business with pleasure.

Alrud is, according to its website, a leading Russian firm. That means each of its partners is a pretty big deal. And that means each of them gets a big picture of themselves on the home page posing in an exotic locale they definitely visited.

Senior Partner Maxim Alekseyev kicks off the slideshow in the Forbidden City. He has erected a desk in front of the Gate of Supreme Harmony and, in between finding balanced solutions no matter how complicated the problems, takes on allcomers at Mahjong.


Whereas fellow Senior Partner Vassily Rudomino had no idea Maxim was going to do this with his photo.

Irina caused a three-yacht pile-up, but fled the scene looking immaculate.

Whereas Alexander had less luck batting away an articulated truck on the A302.

Feodor holds all his meetings in front of fighting. Just leaving his gloves on the desk usually gets him what he wants.

Anton, however, took the inspirational posts on his facebook feed to heart. He was helicoptered off the mountain with severe hypothermia.

Well done Alrud. If you find a bonkers firm, send it in,



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