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Bonkers law firm website: posed to perfection
26 June 2015
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With a peculiar focus on a 1980s Athena poster and an addiction to sexy secretary specs, it's this week's pouting bonkers law firm website.

Straight out of Lübeck, Germany, comes Dr Klohs Solicitors, whose website eschews trite value statements in favour of a series of giant photos of its staff. They include the immaculate Dr Julia Klohs, her three well-groomed colleagues, including husband Björn, and a picture of a smouldering hunk standing in a desert next to a car.

  Björn and his wife and her ex

  Klohs horses


Karen doesn't mind Julia winning the Best Haircut Competition

Julia's prize is sponsored by Specsavers

  But it's a P45

If you've seen lawyers modelling alongside posters from their teenage bedroom, let RollOnFriday know.



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anonymous user
26/06/2015 08:57
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One man, three pouting women, and not a legal textbook in sight.

Makes you wonder what goes on behind Klohs' doors
anonymous user
26/06/2015 10:53
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@anonymous 08:57
Yeh, I noticed the obvious lack of anything constituting a real legal office.
Did you see the desks had no seats on the other side for clients/colleagues?
Seems to be a fake office...what about the lawyer?
Perhaps like those late night phone in #s the person who provides the service is nowhere near as good looking as advertised...

May I suggest Klohs but no cigar?
26/06/2015 17:17
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Strange that Karen is in the photos, but not listed as part of the team on the website.

Perhaps Julia felt that she got too Klohs for comfort in picture 4?