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Bonkers firm website: What I did in the holidays
05 June 2015
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A firm which made its lawyers engage in an awkward exercise of show and tell wins this week's bonkers title.

That's RollOnFriday's best guess at what Dutch firm Jahae Reymakers is up to, anyway. There's no explanaton given for why Thom has a little rocket, or why Carol Reymakers is staring intently at a ball. Or why anyone needs to see them doing it. But the continentals seem to love their moving portraits. Roll your mouse over the photos to meet Hans 'Look, no hands' Jahae and the team.

The next pigeon who craps on Joost is in for a surprise

  You don't want to know how Han's playing it

  "I have a ball. It is yellow. I like my yellow ball."

  Tonight, and every night, Jurgan skis alone 

  What Tintin did next

  Marleen deserves a medal for agreeing to this

If you've spotted lawyers doing something stupid to fulfill the Managing Partner's vision, tip off RollOnFriday.



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anonymous user
05/06/2015 15:07
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At least Marleen has the decency to look pained