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Exclusive: Russian lawyer poses naked with roses
15 May 2015
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Last week RollOnFriday featured the ravishing Pavel Pavlov, but a new contender is now challenging for the title of Most Sexiest Russian Lawyer.

Oleg Sukhov may have the name of a rejected Bond girl, but the many photos on his website show that he could play 007 as well. Pumping iron, lounging in bed with roses, fondling a bemused animal, even grinning at naked kids in a fountain, there's absolutely nowhere Sukhov won't go for the camera.

  Daniel Craigski

  Sukhov never forgets his secretary's birthday

   Or his mum's

  Time to go

  Yes Oleg, it is sort of like a cape

  Spin the bottle hog

  Sukhov doesn't quite get how bicycles work

As well as his modelling portfolio, Sukhov keeps a blog of beautiful poetry, including this masterpiece:

"I want to drink myself to oblivion
to forget this day,
to forget this life,
which I tired of long ago

And this love-letter, possibly to mirrors:

"For You!
Your look was created for me

You were created so that I could admire you
I live to see how you look at me

Naturally the blog is well-illustrated.

    Oleg, what are you doing with that goat?

    Err, Oleg

But it's not all glamour.

  Back to work

If you've spotted a lawyer up to mischief on the internet, tip off RollOnFriday.



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anonymous user
27/10/2017 16:45
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"Sukhov"? Is that a joke?