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Russian law firm's bonkers website
08 May 2015
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A Russian law firm goes fashion-shoot bonkers, as it adorns its website with a narcissistic lawyer who reveals more chest hair than is strictly necessary to promote legal services.

In a selection of sexually-charged images Pavel Pavlov, the head of Avangard Law Firm, bends at every angle for his client's viewing pleasure, working it for the camera with a furious pout. 

Pavlov also offers an insight into life as a modern-day Plato: "My philosophy: I can't be a genius 24 hours a day - that wouldn't leave time to shave". Although judging by his stubble in some shots, it seems he still hasn't found the time required.

  Pavlov likes his mirror.  However he's less keen on the painting in the attic that's slowly rotting. 
  Sexy, even when scratching hives with his mutated four arms.
  You should see his trousers.
  An ambiguous smile, a bow tie, and nothing else...

To inspire confidence in potential clients, Pavlov reveals "I believe in God. Therefore I believe in the opposite force - the Devil! I think we must believe in both good and evil. Because both of these are inside us".

"They say nothing's better than perfection, but we believe otherwise" he adds mysteriously, without revealing what he has in mind that is better than perfection. Pavlov presumably.

  Those complex opposing forces: Yin and Yang, Jekyll and Hyde,  Pavlov with tie and Pavlov without tie.

Bizarrely, the site also contains some stuff on legal support for real estate transactions and licensing - but that seems like a bit of an irrelevant distraction.



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anonymous user
08/05/2015 09:44
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Hilarious! He looks like he's been in a difficult client meeting in the Yin and Yang picture.
anonymous user
08/05/2015 11:31
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The link:
anonymous user
09/05/2015 14:28
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More photos:
anonymous user
13/05/2015 10:05
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Its all in Russian. Is it really a law firm?