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Bonkers law firm website: We're mad, we are
09 January 2015
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A French law firm has exposed its lawyers' 'fun' side by using before-and-after profile pictures.

Browsers visiting Chain Avocats' website can peek into the zany secret life of its staff by simply rolling the cursor over their photos. Hey presto, those drab solicitors have become just a little more human, if a little more human means swinging their arms like an agoraphobic Julie Andrews and flinging a file.

  The hills are alive, with the sound of litigation 

Name: Frédéric Levade
Hobby: Looming

  "Ah yes, that's covered by section 42, paragra-PARTY TIME!"

Utterly institutionalised, Lauren's interpretation of "fun" differs from most     

  Cyril hate book

Sorry Bernardine, rock beats scissors      



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