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Fantastic New Zealand firm website
23 October 2009
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This week's "what were they thinking" law firm website comes courtesy of Equity Law in New Zealand.

The About Us picture looks like an early Village People publicity shot. Instruct Equity Law, and a builder, an evil dictator and a three year girl can help you untangle New Zealand's immigration laws. And, for reassurance, Equity Law's founder (and seemingly only lawyer) Evgeny Orlov is resplendent in wig and gown, brandishing a gavel.

    Equity Law and friends yesterday  

Orlov not only knows about law - he's also a fan of Buddhism, polo and justice. In fact his love of Buddhism and justice seem to blend in his personal statement. A RollOnFriday t-shirt goes to anyone who can translate the following:

"In a similar manner to the ancient arts of budo law is a discipline, which trains the ethical character, the fighting spirit and the will. [Law] represents the ultimate battle of mind, will and knowledge. Equity equates with equality, fairness and justice. This is the philosophy and approach of the firm, which has developed a new vision of law for the 21st century."

To share more of Orlov's visions, check out the entire site here.



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