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French Law Firm Website of the Week
24 January 2014
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A bottle of absinthe to the visionary poet behind the website of French firm KGA Avocats.

There are no wacky photos of the staff (maybe one or two), no vomitous colour schemes. Instead, there is just the simple pleasure of the firm's partner profiles, which mix together hyperbole, philosophy and wild bullshit, before adding a pinch - just a pinch - of sexy, sexy sexism.

There's Laurent-Xavier Simonel, who hides a rich imagination behind his sterling tashe.


There's John Sell, un bon homme:


Laura Paget doesn't feel the need to bang on about equality, which is just as well, otherwise she might object to being defined by her youth.


Bloch. Insomniac. Messy. Skilled manual worker.


Michele Dauvois seems to be struggling to live up to her reputation.


Might amateur poet Phillipe be behind these elegant blurbs?


Theodore Klein is either a timelord or, if the profile is true, tripping balls.


Well done KGA Avocats. Please do tell RollOnFriday if you've seen a fun firm website.



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anonymous user
24/01/2014 10:05
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Superb tache.
anonymous user
25/01/2014 09:53
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Tache aside, this is barrel scraping.
anonymous user
27/01/2014 03:38
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Is Laurent-Xavier Simonel in 'The Hunger Games' movies?

As for Laura Paget I'd guess the reason she doesn't bang on about equality is that if your clearly as smart and look as hot as she is, equality is never a problem.