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Bonkers Law Firm Website of the Week: Obsessed Fan Edition
29 November 2013
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Norway's third largest law firm has turned its website into a fanpage for a chess player.

Norweigan firm Simonsen Vogt Wiig is understandably proud of sponsoring Magnus Carlsen. At age 13, while his friends were furiously playing with themselves, Carlsen was busy getting to grips with the Dutch defence and the Queen's Gambit and becoming the world's then-youngest grandmaster. Now 22, he has been the world number one since 2011, and in November he won the World Chess Championships.

In between winning chess games, Carlsen has modelled for G-Star Raw with Liv Tyler and been voted one of Cosmo's sexiest men in 2013. He was even offered a part in Star Trek Into Darkness (as a futuristic chess player). So perhaps its unsurprisng that his legal sponsors got a bit starstruck and replaced their homepage with an adoring slideshow:

    Shy Magnus

    Sultry Magnus

    Checkmate Magnus

All the "About Us" and "Expertise" rubbish on the firm's website has sensibly been pushed to the bottom of the page to make room for praise of Carlsen, a newsfeed about Carlsen and, best of all, a fawning blog. Some of the blog might be a little too specialist for some of the firm's clients ("After Anand played h5, the ensuing rook endgame looked draw­ish despite Magnus’s two extra pawns, but by giving up three pawns (!) Mag­nus man­aged to win with his f-pawn in the end."). But glimpses of Carlsen's freetime offer something for everyone, like the news that "On the first rest day the Carlsen team enjoyed a two hours ses­sion of indoor foot­ball and bas­ket­ball". Mmm, sweaty Magnus.

Visit the firm's website if you want to fight a Simonsen Vogt Wiig lawyer for their Carlsen poster, or just remember to let RollOnFriday know if you come across another bonkers firm website.



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