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Bonkers Law Firm Website of the Week: Movember Special
15 November 2013
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This week's bonkers law firm website celebrates a German lawyer whose moustache is for life, not just for Movember.

But there's more than exotic lip furniture on Dr. Kotz (& Partner)'s site. The design doesn't appear to have been updated since the dawn of the internet, offering the casual browser blinding yellow text, maroon backgrounds and seizure-inducing animated gifs which haven't otherwise been seen since 1997.

    Enter Dr Kotz's Forum, if your eyes haven't fallen out
But no amount of nostalgia and migraines can distract from the star of the show, Dr Kotz's 'tache. Not least because it appears 10 times on the front page.

      Dr Kotz's moustache and friends 

Dr Kotz, whose surname apparently means 'puke' in German, has translated part of his site into English, which is helpful for non-German speakers who stumble across the photos of his staff.


Besides persuading his secretaries to pose as Charlie's Angels, Dr Kotz has filled a vast section of his site with lawyer jokes. Some of which aren't bad at all ("And to Heinz, who I promised to mention in my will: Hi Heinz!").

If you've come across a website madder than Dr Kotz & Partner's, please send it to the usual place.



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anonymous user
15/11/2013 02:49
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Crazy bastard
anonymous user
06/01/2014 15:10
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Kotz is German for vomit.

They also have some amazing youtube videos.
anonymous user
01/05/2018 10:32
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Sadly seems to have been updated. Interestingly the firm's lawyers seem to have a uniform dress code