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Bonkers Law Firm Website of the Week: Cartoon Edition
16 August 2013
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Kazakh law firm Linkage & Mind is brimming with creativity. Wacky illustrations, loony profiles, badly-lit photographs of its lawyers: it's got it all.

The firm boasts an aspirational philosophy ("We change ourselves to change the world around us. For the better"), and a cartoon homepage featuring rockets, astronauts and a Linkage and Mind planet:

Clients and toddlers who are eager for more cartoon fun won't be disappointed, as the firm has created a pants- soilingly terrifying loveable cast of characters to embody each of its practice areas:

  Mr Capital Markets and his non-threatening abacus
Mr and Mr Public Private Partnership - one appears to have grown fat on the other
  Multitasking Ms Corporate finds simultaneous bibling and killing a doddle with her pincers
Mr Tax has three eyes and causes bedwettting 

The illustrated theme continues in the lawyer profiles, where each solicitor is presented on a cartoon scroll. Their accompanying descriptions provide all the key details a client could want, such as their astrological sign, hobbies and favourite mantras.

    Manasov loves it when the firemen come to get him down

Mehrabi likes millinery and Maggie

  Kazakhstan's 12th man waits for the call

Tashpakova tries to ignore the tremors

  Mussaliyev never golfs looking forwards, and so far not one of his balls has fallen into the hole. Great success

Karzhaubayeva believes in God and black holes, but apparently not Weil's Disease

If you want to instruct Linkage and Mind but are now too weirded out to telephone, never fear:


Good work from Linkage and Mind. If you've seen a similarly entertaining law firm website, please do send it in here.



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