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New Zealand lawyer in cringeworthy video shocker
24 February 2012
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New Zealand lawyer Paul Gallagher has chosen to promote his eponymous law firm by through a bizarre video.

The video opens with Paul Gallagher Legal's self-styled "Boss Man" riding his motorbike down a suburban Albany street accompanied by a synthy, '90s sounding remix of Born to be Wild.

  Born to be a property and conveyancing lawyer

Once inside the office the pace slows and the soundtrack switches to a jazzy pan-pipes number as Gallagher divests himself of his bikie leathers. Strange scenes follow as one of the firm's clients tries to shake hands with the air and then leaves Gallagher hanging as he goes in for another handshake. The viewer is then treated to a bucolic montage of ponds and birds before being assured that the offices of Paul Gallagher Legal have "plenty of parking."

Winding up the video, Gallagher looks earnestly at the camera: "We're people too", he explains to anyone who might have thought lawyers were a non-people sub-species. "No stuffy shirts here" he assures viewers, which proves to be horrifyingly true as the camera pans out to reveal our hero wearing short sleeved shirt and a skirt.

    Paul Gallagher, Boss Man, petrolhead and fashion icon

There are plenty more gems on the PGL site for all the fans of weird law firm websites. Including self-confessed petrolhead Gallagher's recent tussle with the police over speed traps, his confession that he's "right into genealogy" and a selection of snaps of scantily-clad "pit girls" from the Boss Man's personal collection.



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