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Crazy New Zealand law firm website
11 March 2011
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Following on from last week's glimpse into the bonkers world of Prospero Legal - which had lawyers wrestling with chairs and playing with finger puppets in their profile pictures - praise also goes to Wellington's Hayman Lawyers which has brought a pretty hefty dollop of the crazy to its website.

Lawyers reveal their hobbies in a series of glorious technicolour action shots. What's slightly strange is that all but one of the pictures on Hayman's home page have no corresponding profile description. Maybe they're the ghosts of lawyers past, who've now departed to firms which don't make them pose with empty casserole dishes and dodge sword-wielding partners.

En guard and parry. Robert Hayman is not afraid to get aggressive with the other side.

Behind her smiling veneer this colour-coordinated lady is just waiting to stir up some office gossip.

This cheerful chap's hobbies are mostly taking pictures of his helmet.

Her rictus grin and white-knuckle grip suggest she'd rather be on the slopes than in this photo shoot.

Check out the website in all of its glory here and if you've stumbled across any other excellent firm websites, please send them in to the usual address.



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