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Amazing law firm website revealed
04 March 2011
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Kudos this week to Prospero Legal of Lugano, Switzerland, which joins a canon of law firms (see also QualitySolicitors, Bolt Burdon and Lydales) with utterly bonkers websites.

Pictures of staff enjoying extra-curricular activities are one thing, but sepia-toned action shots are not necessarily the best. Particularly if they're of finger-puppetry. And garlanding the profiles with nonsensical quotations ("He who collects books, collects desires. And he who collects many desires remains very young even at eighty years old") ain't much of a selling point either.

    David Simioni is a black belt in due diligence

Paolo Banfi loves jumping through legal hoops

    Maria-José Schoch has clients eating out of her hand

Erika Callegari fending off the opposition

Well done to all involved. Check out the whole website here.

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