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Immigration firm wins RollOnFriday Quality Website Award
12 June 2009
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The latest recipient of the RollOnFriday Quality Website Award is immigration firm Ansari Solicitors. Rival immigration firm Duncan Lewis should perhaps take a leaf out of the book of Ansari Solicitors, where "acting in our client's best interest is our slogan".

The firm's website has countless gems. But the one that shines the brightest is the quote from Nigerian Chief Awolowo that "any society where cat chase and kill tiger, such society is dangerous for living". A salient lesson for lawyers everywhere, oh yes indeed.
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It's also refreshing to learn how highly the firm's Principal Solicitor, Muhammad Tahir Ansari, values the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. The SRA, the website solemnly intones, is "an institution he honestly cherishes and admires and is vocal about it in interviews with newspapers and magazines". Well, the SRA will no doubt be grateful to hear of its one and only fan.

Anyone wishing to work for Ansari Solicitors should note that firm has in place "well nurtured, systematic and adequate training programmes for our trainees". And that all the firm asks in return is "good manners, attitude, commitment, and a willingness to learn". RollOnFriday commends these back to basics values.



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