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Man in court for avoiding payment of bill by swimming into the sea
13 April 2017
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A man has appeared in court accused of swimming away from a waterfront restaurant when handed the bill for $600.

Australian Terry Peck allegedly spent an afternoon at the Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant on the waterside in Queensland, where he consumed a huge amount of seafood and beer. His order included two lobsters, six oyster shots, and six Corona beers. When he was given the bill for AUS$600 he allegedly grabbed another six pack of beers, ran onto the nearby beach. The restaurant's staff gave chase, whereupon Peck swam into the ocean.

The police were called to the beach and were towed by lifeguards on jet-skis to reach Peck in the ocean. Peck tried to evade police by diving under the water, but was arrested.

  Secretly the officer had been desperately waiting for an opportunity to use the red floaty thing

Peck appeared before the magistrates court this week, charged with one count of stealing, and two counts of serious assault of a police officer when allegedly resisting arrest. When magistrate Joan White was told of the amount of food Peck had eaten she remarked "Oh God, by himself."  Peck is due to return to court at the beginning of May. 


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