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Lawyer sues Google over search results
07 April 2017
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An Australian lawyer, George Defteros, has brought a defamation claim against Google, claiming that the search engine is responsible for internet articles that describe him as a "gangland lawyer".

The moniker comes from Defteros representing Melbourne underworld figures during his 37 year career, including Mick Gatto, Alphonse Gangitano and Graham "The Munster" Kinniburgh. However, the lawyer argued that the label was professionally and personally defamatory and has caused him "embarrassment and hurt". He said that he wanted to clear his name since he's represented "all sorts of people - priests, journos, mums and dads".  He brought the action against Google Australia on the basis, he argued, that the internet behemoth should be defined as a "publisher" for defamation law purposes.

Justice Dixon, presiding at the Victorian Supreme Court, said that Google Australia had no control over the search engine which was run by parent company Google Inc. The judge dismissed Defteros' claim, adding "the allegation that Google Australia published the (defamatory online content) has no real prospect of success".

  For RollOnFriday's SEO purposes: "Gangland lawyer George Defteros, mob lawyer George Defteros, an offer you can't refuse lawyer George Defteros" are all phrases that Defteros wants removed *
George Defteros said that he will continue his claim by pursuing Google Inc in the US.

* RollOnFriday is in no way asserting that George Defteros is a gangland lawyer


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