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Herbies partners share their experiences of mental health issues
31 March 2017
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Herbies partners in Asia have talked openly about their personal experiences of mental illness in a series of internal videos

In an admirable effort to help break the taboo of mental health, HSF launched a mentoring scheme two years ago. The firm has so far trained 76 members of staff, from business services teams, associates and partners to become mentors. Their status is advertised internally, and other staff with mental health issues can approach a mentor entirely confidentially.

In HSF's Asia offices, as part of the mental health programme, partners and staff have participated in a series of videos available on the firm's intranet.  In one of the videos, Peter Godwin, head of disputes in Asia, admits that he had previously been sceptical when it came to dealing with stress. However he reevaluated his perception of mental wellbeing after dealing with the Tokyo earthquake aftermath in 2011 and a tragic event involving one of his team six months later. He says in the video that when terrible things happen in life "my advice is don't be too proud or too stubborn to ask for help. There is no weakness in asking for support".

  Peter Godwin

Hong Kong partner May Tai says in the video that she previously suffered from chronic fatigue, but has now recovered. She advises those struggling with similar symptoms to "filter for positive influences in your life and focus on what you love", and that it's important to recognise when your body and mind needs a break.

Anita Phillips, a professional support consultant in Hong Kong says in the video that she had suffered from insomnia and suspects "a number of my colleagues, given the demanding nature of our business, may relate to this". She praises HSF's campaign for helping to "get the conversation started" and feels "very lucky" to work for an organisation that "supports and values their employees in this way.


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