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Defendant's mum hurls sunglasses at judge in court
17 March 2017
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A New Zealand woman has been charged with assault for attacking a judge with her sunglasses.

Tania Lisa Robinson was attending her son's bail application in Dunedin district court. The presiding judge Kevin Phillips declined to grant bail, keeping Robinson's son locked away for over a month. Enraged at the decision, Robinson leaped out of her seat in the public gallery and threw her sunglasses at the judge shouting "f*** you." The judge didn't flinch as the sunglasses hurtled towards him, although only because he didn't notice since he was immersed in paperwork. The sunglasses missed by about meter.

If only she'd practised

A police officer arrested Robinson and she was hauled before the court later that day charged with assault. At the end of the hearing she also struck lawyer Brian Kilkelly who had represented her son in the earlier matter.

Robinson has now appeared before the court again pleading guilty to both charges of assault. Robinson's lawyer, Steve Turner, said his client has "issues about how she controls her impulses and anger". The hearing has been adjourned for Robinson to attend a restorative-justice meeting with one of the defendants.


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